Cru Select - White Blend
This modern New World white highlights the apricot and floral notes of Viognier, the minerality of Riesling, and the tropical aromas of Chardonnay. Serve with chicken and root vegetables or grilled fish, potato and mushrooms. Unoaked, Medium Body, Dry.
Mivino - Chardonnay
This medium-bodied wine displays an enticing combination of crisp citrus fruits laced with vanilla and peach notes. Straw in colour, it is supported by a seamless palate packed with notes of melon rounded out in a long, oaky finish. A simple Caesar salad always tastes better when paired with cool glass of Chardonnay. Medium Oak, Medium Body, Dry.
Cru Select - Pinot Gris
This popular Australian white blend is extremely aromatic, opening with apricots and pear notes and finishing on a refreshing fruit forward note. Serve with roasted turkey and dried fruit sauce or spicy fish cakes. Unoaked, Medium Body, Dry.
Cru Select - Chardonnay
Clean, crisp and rich in varietal character, fruit flavours abound. It’s golden-hued and slightly tart while flavours of vanilla, cloves and butterscotch tantalize the palate. Pair with buttery shrimp, poached salmon or cedar planked halibut. Medium Oak, Medium Body, Dry.
Cru Select - White Blend
This modern and bold Italian style white blend is extraordinarily rich, with buttery aromas and flavours that are balanced by lush tropical fruit and full oak character. Enjoy with shellfish, baked ham or medium cheddar cheese. Heavy Oak, Fully Body, Dry.
Cru International - Chardonnay
Captivating flavours of green apple and tropical fruit enhance an upfront floral bouquet as is expected by the finest California Chardonnays. It will develop to reveal layers of ripe fruit and integrated oak. Serve with Bok-Choy asparagus Fritatta or French chicken dijon. Medium Oak, Medium Body, Dry.
Cru International - Muscat
A luscious blend with flavours and aromas of peach, apricot, baked apple, and pear. This soft white crowd-pleasing California wine also has a hint of tropical fruit. Pairs best with desserts including chocolate cake and peach cobbler. Unoaked, Medium Body, Off-Dry.
Heritage Estates - White Blend
Unoaked and dry, this California style white wine is light and fruity. Pairs well with salmon and roasted squash or garlic bread and crab cakes. Unoaked, Light Body, Dry.
Grand Cru - White Blend
A blend of a variety of the best white grape varieties, this full-flavoured and food friendly wine is smooth, clean, and well balanced. Pairs well with poached fish or various Thai dishes. Unoaked, Light Body, Dry.
Heritage Estates - Chamblaise
An easy-drinking, light-bodied wine with a smooth, refreshing flavour.
Grand Cru - Chardonnay
A medium-bodied wine with a crisp, green apple bouquet, and hearty flavour. This is a true classic white wine at its finest. Try with lemon garlic tilapia or a spring vegetable salad. Medium Oak, Medium Body, Dry.
Heritage Estates - Chardonnay
A traditional style dry and lightly oaked Chardonnay with pear, apple, herbal and mineral notes and a crisp finish. Enjoy with grilled fish, chicken or buttered popcorn. Light Oak, Medium Body, Dry.
En Primeur - Chardonnay
Bursting with hints of pineapple, melon and peach on the palate, delicate hints of pear on the finish. A perfectly balanced wine with fresh and lively acidity. Fermenting your wine on GenuWine Winery Crushed Grape Skins will enhance the bouquet and contribute soft velvety tannins for a round, juicy mouthfeel. Geat with rich pastas or risotto with lobster or mussels. Light Oak, Medium Body, Dry.
Mivino - Sauvignon Blanc
Intense aromas of honeydew melon and pear entice the nose while zesty flavours of grapefruit and herbs grace the palate. Pale straw in colour, this medium-bodied dry wine is a classic. Salmon burgers or lobster rolls pair nicely with the delicate flavours of Sauvignon Bland. Unoaked, Medium Body, Dry.
Orchard Breezin' - -
This low alcohol white wine features tart green apples balanced out by smooth white cranberries to create an easy drinking wine with a crisp, refreshing finish.
En Primeur - Riesling Gewurtztraminer
Apples, spice, and slight minerality on the nose. Flavours of citrus, floral and honey linger on the palate. Pleasant acidity to balance sweetness. A triumph. Pair with sesame chicken salad and ginger lime dressing or stuffed pork tenderloins. Unoaked, Medium Body, Off-Dry.
Cru Select - Gewurtztraminer
Spicy notes, typical of Gewürztraminer are complimented by aromas of roses, lychees and tropical fruit. Elderflowers bring out intense fruity characteristics. Enjoy with chicken, almond and rice stirfry or pierogies. Unoaked, Medium Body, Off-Dry.
Cru Select - White Blend
The fresh, crisp flavours of Riesling combined with the exotic spiciness of Gewürztraminer produce a dry wine with immense character and a well-balanced finish. Try it with fried mackerel and cilantro sauce or pork chops and sticky rice. Unoaked, Medium Body, Dry.
Cru International - Gewurtztraminer
Made in the style of one of Germany’s most renowned whites, this Gewürztraminer style is balanced and crisp with bold tropical fruits on the palate. Excellent with Vietnamese-style shrimp or Thai red curry chicken. Unoaked, Medium Body, Dry.
Cru International - Muller-Thurgau
Made from a quintessential German white grape variety, this wine features subtle fruit notes and a mild acidity. Its long and lasting finish will leave you wanting more. Try with German asparagus casserole or light vegetable dishes. Unoaked, Medium Body, Off-Dry.
Mivino - Riesling
This classic dry Riesling offers generous aromas of citrus fruits and blossoms up front. Rich flavours of grapefruit with floral undertones follow to give it a focused, crisp finish. Straw in colour, this light-bodied wine lingers attractively on the palate. Riesling and Thai food are a match made in heaven. Try it the next time you order Pad Thai. Unoaked, Light Body, Dry.
Grand Cru - Gewurtztraminer
Extremely spicy in flavour and aroma, this wine will tantalize any palate. It pairs well with all kinds of food, including spicy Asian style cuisine. Pair with butternut squash soup or roast chicken. Unoaked, Medium Body, Dry.
Orchard Breezin' - -
This popular, pale straw-coloured wine is intensely flavourful, reminiscent of a freshly cut green apple. The pleasant soft acidity and luscious, fruity aroma of this crisp wine make it a great refresher for a hot summer day.
En Primeur - Pinot Grigio
Opens with citrus, floral and pear notes. Hints of citrus and green apple on the finish. The palate is elevated with its perfect harmony of fruit and crisp acidity. Tastes great with grilled halibut, buttery shrimp or a light crab salad. Unoaked, Light Body, Dry.
Mivino - Pinot Grigio
Fresh and vibrant on the nose, this dry white wine packs sensational aromas of green apples and butterscotch. It is light straw in colour and boasts crisp flavours of almonds and citrus notes on the finish. Light seafood dishes, like grilled halibut, seem to take on more flavour when paired with Pinot Grigio. Unoaked, Light Body, Dry.
Cru International - Pinot Grigio
An enticing deep apple and grapefruit bouquet with apple and citrus notes that follow through to the palate and linger with a dry finish. This Pinot Grigio is made in the true northern Italian style. Pairs well with Creole shrimp or Italian orzo risotto. Unoaked, Light Body, Dry.
Cru Select - Pinot Grigio
Made in an Italian style, the bouquet reveals bright citrus and green apple aromas with honeydew tones; an exquisite balance of citrus and acidity. Excellent with light seafood dishes such as garlic and lemon shrimp or fresh crab salad. Unoaked, Light Body, Dry.
En Primeur - Viognier
This wine opens with an intense floral bouquet and aromas of apricots and peach. Notes of lush peach and honeysuckle on the palate are perfectly balanced with a crisp acidity. Pairs well with grilled seafood, BBQ chicken or grilled pork. Unoaked, Medium Body, Dry.
Grand Cru - Liebfraumilch
Fruity in aroma and clean in taste. A crisp, dry wine that’s pleasant in its youth. Perfect for sipping with friends and family. Pairs well with maple glazed salmon or sushi. Unoaked, Light Body, Dry.
Cru Select - Sauvignon Blanc
This renowned New Zealand wine presents soft hues in the glass. It is crisp and light, with intense flavours of grapefruit peel, freshly cut grass, and light oak on the finish. Pairs well with fresh seafood such as oysters and scallops or goat cheese. Light Oak, Medium Body, Dry.
Cru International - Sauvignon Blanc
Straw in colour with a refreshing grassy nose; bold herbal tones and fresh citrus flavours on the palate. This wine is as delightful as a cool Ontario Fall day, its finish both long and fruity. Great with mild Asian food including white fish or sushi. Unoaked, Medium Body, Dry.
Orchard Breezin' - -
Fresh and zesty lime notes are perfectly balanced with the subtle flavour of coconut and citrus.
Orchard Breezin' - -
The luscious scent of ripe peaches explodes from this exceptionally crisp, flavourful wine. Pale straw in colour, this wine is a natural addition to a lazy afternoon or an evening barbecue.
Heritage Estates - Pinot Grigio
A typical dry Pinot Grigio style, this wine boasts aromas of tart green apple with crisp citrus and honey flavours. Pair with grilled seafood or Asian stirfry. Unoaked, Light Body, Dry.
Grand Cru - Pinot Blanc
Rich, light-bodied flavour and slightly herbal aroma. Subtle undertones of apple and peach round out this easy-drinking wine. Enjoy with lemon broccoli and chickpea salad or quiche. Unoaked, Light Body, Dry.
Grand Cru - Pinot Grigio
A dry wine with overtones of green melon leading to a crisp, clean finish. A bouquet of honey and herbs completes the experience of this perennially favourite white. Tastes great wutg shrimp salad or spaghetti with spinach and lemon dressing. Light Oak, Medium Body, Dry
Heritage Estates - Riesling
A classic off-dry and medium bodied Riesling style wine with floral and ripe fruit aromas, light mineral notes and a refreshing acidity. Serve with fish tacos and jalapeno or spicy shrimp. Unoaked, Medium Body, Off-Dry.
Grand Cru - Riesling
Clean, crisp, and slightly fruity, this wine is full of fruit flavour with an intense and pleasing aroma. You will want to savour through to the last sip. Serve with buttery steamed bass or a cheese souffle. Unoaked, Light Body, Dry.
Cru Specialty - Riesling
Riesling's acidity adds the perfect balance to the intense sweetness. Sinfully delicious with intense apricots, apples, and pears on the nose, following through to tempting flavours of honey and lychee that linger on the palate.
Heritage Estates - Sauvignon Blanc
A refreshing, medium-bodied, dry Sauvignon Blanc style wine with crisp, green apple flavours and pleasant herbal notes. Perfect with light seafood dishes or white meat. Unoaked, Medium Body, Dry.
Grand Cru - Sauvignon Blanc
A clean, refreshing and food friendly white wine offering a light, fruity aroma with green, herbal flavours and a touch of mint. Serve with chicken and a fresh salad or shrimp and light pasta. Unoaked, Medium Body, Dry.
Cru International - Chenin Blanc
The fruity nose has hints of green apple and lemon with a subtle floral bouquet. On the palate, true to its South African origins, it is delightfully refreshing. Perfect with sushi or Italian fried and stuffed rice balls (Arancini di Riso)
En Primeur - Sauvignon Blanc
Aromas of apple, lemon, and kiwi on the nose and hints of lemon and herbaceous flavours on the palate. Expect a zesty finish to this elegant wine. Enjoy with fish and chips or grilled shrimp and spring vegetables. Unoaked, Medium Body, Dry.
Orchard Breezin' - -
This light refreshing white wine offers the delightfully sweet aroma of fresh picked field strawberries blended with a rich mélange of honey, tropical fruit and floral flavours. Try it chilled for added invigorating freshness!
Cru Specialty - Port
Christmas in a glass! Dark berry and dried fruit aromas complemented by baking spices and vanilla bean. Very complex on the palate with dried fruit, vanilla flavours and spice notes coming through on the finish.
Grand Cru - Verdicchio
Herbal aromas dominate the bouquet, while flavours of lemon and pear entice the palate. The finish is crisp and clean. A refreshing style white wine. Pair with tuna salad and avocado or pasta with pesto sauce. Unoaked, Light Body, Dry.
Cru Specialty - Port
This golden nectar is full of peach and tropical fruit with a perfectly balanced, honey-like sweetness.
Orchard Breezin' - -
This limited release Orchard Breezin' white wine features lively flavours of juicy peach, ripe apricot and fresh orange. Perfect for refreshing summer sipping!
En Primeur - White Blend
This refined Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscat blend exudes pretty floral aromas with hints of tropical fruit and lychee. Flavours on the palate include juicy pineapple, mango, peach, and lychee. Try with spicy Pad Thai, a summer salad or BBQ Pork. Unoaked, Medium Body, Dry.