Choose from a wide variety of bottles for your own creations.

The process is simple. Only 4 steps!

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Corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition.
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Creative condiments and other products are available in store.
Easy Process

You start the brewing process and we do all of the hard work for you
Perfect taste

In most products, the taste of our beer is equal or better than the brand names.
Bottles or Cans or Keg

You choose how you want your final product.


When people are faced with what variety to chooseWe always ask what they normally buy

Serving since 2007

One of the things that people like about their home-style process is the great savings. “Beer is just over half the cost of store-bought and wine is about a third of the price,”

Murray bought the business in 2007, and although that was his first experience in retail, he took to it as heat to a shrink wrap on a bottle of Merlot. “I really enjoy interacting with customers and making them happy,”

OwnerMurray Croft


April Brewery