Restricted Quantity

Every year Crofts Brewing offers a new line-up of premium, unique wines through the limited release program, Restricted Quantities. The year 2021 marks Restricted Quantities’ 21st program and Crofts Brewing Winemaking is proud to present five new wine revelations with the Arcana Collection, a premium collection as timeless as tarot. Explore the past, present, and future starting this January 2021 with five mystical wines all inspired by Arcana tarot cards. From France, Italy, and Spain, these five world-class European wines connect through space, time, and humanity to reveal intriguing new insights.


Earthy, deep and alluring. When The Empress appears, dreams come to fruition. Embrace opportunity. Create with abundance. Connect with the sense of touch, taste, smell and sight. When you tune in to the energy of The Empress, you surround yourself with the pleasures of life.


This dry, medium-bodied wine hints of deep red fruit – plum and currant aromas. Heady spices, earth, and smoke linger with a moderate tannic finish

Oak: Medium | Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium


•GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins
•Hungarian Oak Cubes & American Oak Chips
•Bourgovin RC 212 yeast
•30 labels & capsules

Food Pairings

• Carne asada and Barbacoa tacos
• Grilled pork chops and roasted potatoes

January 2021 Reveals THE EMPRESS


The Grecian charioteer has a singular focus – success. Brave and intensely confident, The Chariot represents momentum and assertion. Draw strength from within, and create new destinies. When The Chariot appears, positive energy and encouragement flow. An adventurous spirit is the key to fulfilling your joyous fortunes.


Soft, sweet floral notes mingle with exotic aromas. This off-dry white wine balances lemon’s acidity with flavours of peach, apple, honey and spice for a delicious finish.

Oak: Unoaked | Sweetness: Off-Dry | Body: Medium


• QA 23 Yeast
• 30 labels & capsules

Food Pairings

• Peach cobbler
• Lemon-poppy bread
• Antipasto
• Spicy Asian dishes

January 2021 Reveals THE CHARIOT


Create with authority. Nurture with knowledge. The Emperor presents a unique balance with stability and power. As the father figure of wines, potential for greatness comes with age. It is this balance that contributes to its status and recognition, encouraging the shareability of its riches.


This classic Cabernet offers flavours of cassis, ripe plum and red berry fruit. Integrated tannins with a balanced acidity create easy-drinking experiences.

Oak: Medium | Sweetness: Dry | Body: Full-bodied


• GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins
• French Oak Chips
• Bourgovin RC 212 yeast
• 30 labels & capsules

Food Pairings

• Grilled meats
• Fine cheese
• Savoury appetizers

February 2021 Reveals THE EMPEROR


Superlative, worldly, and appealing, The Magician’s elementary connections create a phenomenal powerhouse vintage. With every resource at its disposal, The Magician establishes a clear path to manifest, and align all of life’s joyous pursuits.


This full-bodied wine bursts with aromas of plum, cherry, toasted oak, and pepper that mingle with soft spices for a robust finish.

Oak: Medium | Sweetness: Dry | Body: Full-bodied


• GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins
• French & American Chip Blend
• Bourgovin RC 212 yeast
• 30 labels & capsules

Food Pairings

• Meaty burgers
• Venison
• Beef chili
• Mushroom dishes

March 2021 Reveals THE MAGICIAN


Expect the unexpected, when The Wheel of Fortune appears. You’re invited to try new things: go with the flow. Embrace this good fortune. Destiny is yours. Open The Wheel of Fortune, accept and cherish its energy. Share the joy with others. It will return to you; what goes around comes around.


Berry and floral aromas combine with hints of spice and delicate sweetness for a light, yet crisp, flavourful finish.

Oak: Unoaked | Sweetness: Off-dry | Body: Medium


• Bourgovin RC 212 yeast
• 30 labels & capsules

Food Pairings

• Charcuterie
• Salads
• Caprese pasta
• Seafood

April 2021 Reveals THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE

Varietal Enhancing Yeasts in RQ 2021 Kits

Crafting flavourful wine requires the highest quality must. In addition, using the right yeast is essential to enhance the wine’s complexity. During fermentation, yeast produce small amounts of volatile compounds that contribute characteristics to a wine’s aromas and flavours. Some of the most important flavour compounds are called esters, aldehydes and ketones. Advances in the understanding how yeast control the formation of these aroma compounds has lead to the development of yeast strains which can alter or emphasize various aromatic notes in the wine.

Bourgovin RC 212

This yeast was specifically developed in Burgundy, France for red wine fermentations to enhance varietal character by emphasizing ripe berry and fruit aromas. It also promotes good colour stability and extraction.

This yeast Originating from the VinhosVerde region of Portugal, the QA23 was selected for enhancing the flavors and aromas of grapes utilized in the production of premium white wines. Recommended for styles such as, Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Chenin Blanc, Colombardand Semillon, the QA23 produces fresh, fruity and clean wines.


French Oak

Wine is aged together with wood to enhance the flavour, aroma and complexity of the wine through the extraction of substances from the wood into the wine. When compared to American oak, French oak imparts subtler flavours and firmer, but silkier tannins which is ideal for lighter wines. French oak contributes flavours such as cigar box, cinnamon, and coffee.

American Oak

American oak is used by many winemakers for the aromatic sweetness it contributes to the wine. On the palate, American oak provides a tannin structure that accentuates the fruit on the mid palate, while on the nose it will contribute aromas of cedar, sweet spices, mocha, and coconut.

Premium Labels

Showcasing our mystical RQ21 wine collection with premium, custom designed labels that are comparable to labels found in commercial wines. Uncover the intuitive spontaneity – the powerfully complex – the confidently bold – the expressive authenticity – the uncompromisingly balanced. Journey into the mystical realm of tarot and discover new experiences with these five new limited release wines.